Friday, July 6, 2012

Simplicity : Finding Oasis at Home

From Automatism Blog

Jcrew Designer Jenna Lyon's house

Jenna Lyon's house (Jcrew designer)

From Automatism Blog

From Automatism

Lovely Queen Anne's Lace

Summery Poppies

As I look around me today I am struck with a sense much like defeat. It could be the lack of accomplishing anything or the jitters from having waaaay too much diet coke. (i know, I know, I've let it slip back into my daily routine- I'll work on it :) I am determined to create a home that is an oasis- a welcoming place that is a respite from the rest of life. While I look around me now I see a smattering of colors and a bit of clutter, a stack of dirty dishes that is regrettably large. (at least the laundry has been knocked down a bit ;) I love my home and I love editing it even more. But there is always something amazing about a white, clean, and simple home- something I haven't learned to achieve but will always be inspire by. I hope you are inspired too. I had so much fun being inspired about clean simplicity I added some other things that make me think summer. What are some of your favorite summer inspirations?

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  1. Ah heck, a vase of fresh cut flowers solves everything!