Monday, October 22, 2012

mantel update!!

So I have so much to catch up on around here it hurts! I have had some lovely adventure with nary the time to blog them out! So much inspiration around me its hard to narrow it down to words. (although look me up on Pinterest and the pictures help) I thought I would give a snippet update on my prized mantel- i felt the first arrangement did not do it justice. What would you do for a mantel?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Live Healthy, Love Hiking!

One newly discovered treasure of living in the lovely Northwest is hiking. (now I am most definitely not the type to grab a ton of gear and do a Serious Hike- miles and miles off into the wilderness), but I love the numerous nature trails that end nearly at my front door. I hope you enjoy !

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Moving Two-Step Chachacha!

A work in progress!

I am officially growing my own blueberries! I ate a ripe one and it tasted terrible but i was too excited to care

Multnomah Falls packed with people on a summer/fall day

The tiny spec to the left of the falls at the top is actually an observation deck crowded with people who finished the hike
In the last almost month I am sure you have noticed a dramatic decrease in the frequency of my posts. this has all been due to my move from LA to Portland, Oregon. I now sit in what seems a sea of boxes ( reality: Robert my husband has really done all the packing and unpacking) and wonder where the heck all this stuff came from. Over the last few days at least, the boxes have begun to be wittled down and things put away.  Slowly our new little home is taking shape. I can finally begin to blog again- and I am even adding a new segment where Robert and write reviews of new finds and adventures we share in Portland! (yay!)  Here is a tiny taste of things to come- thanks so much for bearing with me! - also thank you for not stopping following my blog- and if you did- i don't blame ya :D - Kami

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sudden Inspiration: Color Love















I was pinning my time away (on Pinterest of course) and noticed something lovely- most of my new pins were of a similar color scheme. I wanted to share my discovery with you right away! What are some of your favorite color mixes?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Material Girls Blog 10. 11. 12.  14. 15.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My life and love in snapshots

Me with long hair in Mendocino, Ca

Me and my girls in Roseville, Ca

A barista's breakfast on Catalina Island

Weekend in Catalina

Robert Photographs the Getty

Rock Sculpture Fountain

At the Getty ... a long time ago

One look at those puppy dog eyes and I was done for

My almost Noir wedding

How he makes me feel special everyday
I was trying to clean out the 65,000 images from my IPhoto account and I came across some from over the years- like the one that made me fall in love with my husband or the time we went to the Getty Museum on an unexpected day off. I thought I would share these bits of my life with you - hope you are all having a good day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Bought a Vintage Cape

Orchid Grey Blog
   I once again mustered up a posse of friends and dragged them to the nearest Buffalo Exchange- only one of the best clothing stores EVER- second in my heart only to J. Crew. I traded a few little things- ok- well, only a pair of sandals, but I went with the intentions of getting something practical for my move to cooler weather soon. Sixty degrees in August? Yipes.
   What I can home with was a cape. Yup. Practical. A vintage dusty blue handemade wool cape.  I am determined to make this a practical purchase- especially since I evoked a look of utter shock from dear Robert my loving husband.
    This put my little hamster wheel (brain) in motion- how does one style a cape... and live to tell about it? Here are a few girls who got it right :D What? Pictures of my cape? Well, maybe when I figure out how to style it on me. ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One Last Hurrah.. again

Once again, my little trip to the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market did not disappoint. It was cut a little short by the fact that it was already 100 degrees by the time we got there at 9am.  Rachael and I made it to about 11:45 before we HAD to find air conditioning.  Before we threw in our treasure hunting towel we had managed to find some free bangles, some cheap bangles , and for me- a brand new-in-box 60's orange enamel fondue pot. (not Dansk or Catherineholm but still awesome) It was so hotI didn't even realize I had forgotten to take a picture of both Rachael and I until just now posting. :( The most important thing is we had tons of fun getting lost, finding treasures, finding a new little thrift store or two, and making it home just in the nick to get to work on time- almost. OH! By the way I got to wear a newly thrifted dress from Buffalo Exchange. Bonus. Please check out Joyful Treasure Hunting Blog if you haven't already - I am sure she is cooking a post about our little trip too.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Off to New Adventures...

Photo Courtesy of Rachael of Joyful Treasure Hunting Blog
Hello all! As you can tell I haven't posted regularly for a little while. I have been rethinking the direction of my little blog for a bit- well I've been trying to come up with a direction, that is.  I've been rethinking the direction of my life a bit too- nothing major just things like wanting to get back into my art, be more planned out and organized etc. I think my upcoming move to Portland (just 4 weeks) has been helping inspire that need somewhat. While weeding out most of my old things as we are downsizing a smidge (and hoping Buffalo Exchange will take most of my old clothing) I have come across things that remind me of good friends and the times we spend together- even the times we should have spent together.  To make sure we don't miss out, I and my dear friend Rachael from Joyful Treasure Hunting are going back to the Rose Bowl Swapmeet this coming Sunday! We are so excited! This will be our first and last duo treasure hunt in Pasadena together and while that is a little sad- maybe we will find a few things to commemorate our friendship with. I am personally hoping for some vintage clothes and maybe something Catherineholm!  Happy huntings to you all this week!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Head over Heals: Catherineholm and Dansk

How did I NOT know about this?! Vintage Danish cookware from the 60's in mod patterns and colors?! Pick me! I want some! Ok- I will settle down- a little. Raise your hand if you LOVE Catherineholm and/or Dansk pots and kettles and pans and plates- oh my.  I have seen those lovely wall art prints everywhere these days, but it never dawned on me that they were modeled after real treasures. So without further ado, here is my new obsession and possible future collection.

Ampersand Vintage Blog

Blue Flower Vintage on Etsy

Blue Flower Vintage on Etsy

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