Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blueberry Granola

I had the loveliest time the other day with some good friends out in the quaintly farmed hills of Washington state. We had connections, you see. We were picking blueberries by the pound in a sweet little farm with two sweet old labs lazily following us around pretty much all day. And then I went and done it. I PICKED 13LBS. Sure I cleaned and froze them all and gave some away, but 13 LBS! I have since been planning out a few blueberry themed posts for the rest of summer (just in time for blackberry season I might add) and thought I would share my favorite so far. Homemade Blueberry

Granola. all around healthy guilty pleasure. What I have learned about making granola is that there is a bit of humility about it; just when you feel you have it down pat- poof! youv'e gone and burnt the whole batch in a blink of an eye.  But never fear its all part of the fun and learning process.
          My process:
               I've adapted my recipe from one posted on Apartment Therapy's, The Kitch'n. A regular food writer and granola entrepreneur Megan Gordon has proven to be my favorite granola inspiration. Try her template here!  I have repeatedly used her base recipe to great success- especially with general oven heat and cook times. So here is a quick run down on how I do this and you can change or edit as you wish.
          1. pick out my favorite pyrex bowl.
          2. scoop in about three cups of old fashioned steel cut oats from Trader Joe's.
          3. salt and add PLENTY of cinnamon and then fluff (to taste)
          4. pour in as much real maple syrup as you dare- enough to make you want to eat the oats off the end of you stir spoon :) (about a half cup )
          5. add about a half cup of coconut oils and fluff
          6. add uncooked nuts and fruit now- as much as you want, I use about two cups each of raw  pepitas and slivered raw almonds
          7. scoop into baking dish 9'' by 13'' and pop in oven preheated to 425 - check frequently- usually about the time it smells good its almost time to pull it out because it keeps cooking in the pan while cooling
          8. enjoy your new favorite treat :)
What are your favorite methods of making granola? Let me know!