Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Portland Vacation

Summer is around the corner and the itch for a vacation hit me strong today. Having had an unusual shift at work yesterday/today (8:00pm until 6:30 am), my brain was a scrambled mixture of too much caffeine and being exhausted. As I looked around my poor little apartment very much in need of some TLC, I decided I was going on a vacation instead- to Portland. This afternoon endeavor brought the exact diversion I needed and I got to know my city a little bit better. Here is a little photo journal of my afternoon (cleaning not included.
Its a family habit to window shop! Usually at times like this I send pics like this to my mom to show her my changing tastes in style !

This is one of my favorite shops- Crossroads Clothing Company- a clothing exchange. Most of my clothes actually come from here!

Next stop down the block a kitchen shop with EVERY color of Le Cruiset you can imagine.

About a block later I stumbled upon Sammy's Flowers, a treasure of a flower shop.

I am elated lilacs are in season!

Beautiful apartments like these are EVERYWHERE in Portland- they make me feel like I have been transported somewhere in Europe

Not to mention the entire neighborhood is surrounded by adorable houses like these! By the way, if the grey skies make you balk at the idea of a visit- don't let it! The weather was superb today! I could have worn a tank and shorts if I had wanted but was perfectly comfortable to wear a light sweater and some shortened cowboy booties.

Plus I had been stopped by a cute lady who wanted to know where I had gotten my hair done. (I had a friend chop it all off two weeks ago) . Little did she know I had fallen asleep with it wet and left it alone when i got up- which i never get away with :D
Well, thanks for joining me on my little break from the world! What new and inspiring journeys have you taken recently?

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Blue Kazoo Vintage... Etsy Shop

Hi friends!! It is nice to be back after so long of a silence. It turns out I am not a very good blogger for the very reason I was never good at keeping a diary. I hate putting my thoughts and ideas into words. (I should have guessed) That does not mean I am about to give up- I fully intend to keep it up and try to be a bit more consistent in the process. Also, I wanted to announce The Blue Kazoo Vintage my new Etsy shop is now open for business! Don't worry, my husband is helping me maintain it :) I am really excited about the idea of actually being able to share things that inspire me! From now on most of the treasure I hunt down will be posted on Etsy. Here are a few of the things that inspired me tell me what you think!
I am currently crushing kitschy 50's pottery

Who could resist this as a (small) recipe box in the kitchen?

I have to admit if I had a good excuse to keep this little darling I would.

Just big enough for a couple of buds

I can't get enough of this color!
I think I would use this as a coffee table catch-all.