Thursday, July 26, 2012

Entertaining Inspiration : Vintage Board Game

Once upon a time when my mother was in junior high, her family was gifted a board game. Fast forward xxx amount of years and here I am sneaking away with her long-loved board game- now what I would consider a vintage classic (sorry mom). Often when Robert and I have friends over we end up all gathered around the coffee table locked in a strategic battle of the hotel chain stock market- sounds riveting right? Well, actually it often is. The game is called Aquire. The version we have is full of sixties swank and I actually leave it out on display because I love the colors on the box so much. Our current culture is all about quick fixes and fast games because no one would have the patience for one that lasts more than an hour- Aquire in my family proves that notion wrong. I love how this game has brought my family and friends closer and has always squelched the doubts of skeptical first timers. Maybe these classic games deserve a chance in our fast-paced lives. What are some of your old favorites? If you are interested in this game or other oldies like it try ebay- you will tell my the box covers how old they are.


  1. i have seen this game many times at various thrift stores, but i never bought it because it didn't sound riveting...but now i will take your word that it is!!

  2. I have never seen this game before but I'd like to!!

    Funny - I just did a blog post on our game room!!!