Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Polka Dot Walls: Room Inspiration



Martha Stewart Weddings

The Black Eyed Owl Blog

The Best Vintage Wallpaper Blog
There is just something timeless and lovely about polka dots. I also truly believe polka dots can be often overused in a childish way. I don't think there is anything wrong with dots in that flavor, but my inspiration is looking for something a little more classy. I love these ideas for polka dots on the walls. Yes some of them are childishy, but they still have a gentle retro flavor that always grabs my attention. Dots!

Friday, May 25, 2012

How NOT to DIY: Vintage Canister Fiasco

They were REALLY rusted and scratched up- this picture hardly does the damage justice

beginning the process!

So far so good... or so I thought

still shiny and happy

a peek at the fail
Once upon a time recently I found a little set of vintage kitchen canisters. They were yellow and copper and rusty and needed a little love. I took them home proudly spouting sonnets about how I would rescue them from their sad state and paint them a shiny red! Who doesn't love red? So I set about buying Rustoleum paint and a sanding block- so far so good. I set about washing, drying and sanding the cans. So far so good. I started painting the cans- and held the paint too close on one of the cans causing it to drip and dry that way. Well, ok. I sanded down the can and started over- forgetting to wash the sanding dust off. The paint re-dried in a crackled pattern. Well, less ok. Meanwhile the lids were drying next to a plastic bag I had used to paint on. Unhappily the paint from the bag stuck to the paint on the lids and MADE A MESS. Well, fooey. The end product? An ok set of canisters that I plan on refinishing...someday! Lets face it- not every do it yourself project really comes out perfect- and being that most of my projects have some type of snafoo I thought I would highlight my reality. A little more patience and some more practice will do me some good. Lessons learned? When the spray lacquer says hold 10-12 inches in an upright manner- DO IT.  :D And avoid trash bags as drop cloths. And don't paint under a eucalyptus tree- too many tree bits get stuck in the paint. Here are the before, durings, and afters.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome Guest Poster Mari from Arcadian Lighting!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to welcome Mari from Arcadian Lighting today as she highlights some very fun vintage ideas about metalwork. Thanks for the ideas Mari!

Hello there! It's Mari visiting from Arcadian Lighting, a fabulous place to go for light fixtures and online lighting news and trends. One of my favorite things about writing for Arcadian Lighting is that I often have the amazing opportunity to do guest posts for great blogs like The Blue Kazoo. Don't you love that name? Today's topic is about decorating with vintage metal pieces. Right now, with so much interest in getting the industrial look, it's easier than ever to find inspiration for dÈcor that includes metal. Here are seven eye-catching ways to bring metal into interior spaces and one irresistible outdoor space. I hope you enjoy them and will be inspired to explore vintage metal!
Vintage Metal A bit out of the ordinary, this metal cabinet on curvy legs has an attached mirror. The vintage lover who discovered this piece is lucky indeed. Yellow is an inspired choice for decorative accessories in this space. Vintage Metal Vintage metal lighted signs seem to always be popular year after year. Many are so large they don't readily lend themselves to hanging on interior walls, but this one is just the right size. Vintage Metal What vintage metal is more iconic than a gas range for the kitchen? I love this style (on legs) and the minty green is amazing with lemony yellow walls and cabinets. Vintage Metal The washer and dryer may be contemporary state-of-the-art, but the sink and watering cans, buckets and tubs are pure vintage galvanized metal. I wouldn't have expected this particular hanging pendant light in this space, but it works well here. Vintage Metal A vintage cart on wheels becomes a convenient place for linens and other necessities in a vintage bath with clawfoot tub. Vintage Metal It's impossible to do a post about vintage metal and not include a favorite iron bed. This one is delicate and feminine with pretty patterned bedding and curtains. Vintage Metal Another iconic metal piece is the compelling French Tolix chair. I love these well-loved vintage yellow onesóyes, there are eight around one table. A perfect lighting fixture for this dining space is a green vintage pendant. Vintage Metal As promised, here is that one outdoor space, complete with another iron bedstead. Like I said, it is irresistible vintage metal! Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Would you consider using vintage metal in your home? Find fantastic lighting to add to your designs from Arcadian Lighting. Click here to get started!


Congratulations Cindy! You win! Yay I am so excited for you and I am sure you will give this sweet little dish a wonderful home. I will be shipping it off to you if you wouldn't mind emailing me the address you would like it shipped- blacklockkm@gmail.com

And a special thank you to everyone else who entered! I really appreciate the suggestions of other blogs to follow I have been having fun checking into them and will continue to do so the rest of this week.  Happy Thursday Everyone!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Chance!

Don't forget that the deadline for my Pyrex giveaway is tomorrow ! I will announce the winner Thursday morning! I am so excited I am already seeking next months giveaway- this was way too much fun not to do again. Special thanks to all you wonderful people's who follow and suggested other blogs for me to follow- I am snooping through them on my phone while my poor computer is in the shop.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Outfit Inspirations

It is not often that I am brave enough to get in front of a camera - usually with much prodding from Robert my husband (who loves taking pictures). Once in a while though I feel like I have found a fun enough outfit idea that I can't resist sharing it. Most of my ideas are really inspired by others who have fabulous senses of fashion- J. Crew, A Beautiful Mess blog by Elsie Larson, and Anthropologie are a few of my favorites. I don't claim to be a "fashionista" (actually that word kinda bugs me to haha). I know I don't look like a model and I'm am perfectly happy with that. What I find inspirational about what I wore today are the colors and that I felt happy wearing it- which is most important I think!
Let it be noted that this is the first time I have worn shorts in public since... a really long time

trying to catch the pattern on my silk ruffle shirt
shorts: broken in boyfriend from Jcrew, belt: Jcrew sale, blouse: Jcrew from Buffalo Exchange, sweater: Anthropologie sale

ps! Don't forget about my pyrex dish giveaway that will be ending this Wednesday- see post below for details!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hi all! I just decided now is the perfect time for a giveaway! What might you win? The cutest tiny pink Pyrex casserole dish ever!  So here is the deal- I am still pretty new to blogging and am looking for new inspiration. To qualify for my giveaway please leave this post a comment about why you love vintage Pyrex and 1. follow my blog or 2. suggest a blog for me to follow. (please include your email address) Your name will be put in a jar and next Wednesday I will draw a winner. Happy Huntings! Love, Kami

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ode to the Future





All this talk of our fall-time move had me thinking of some details I know I want in our house someday. First and foremost? A shiny red door. Hands down. No matter where I live or what my house looks like- if I own it, it WILL have a shiny red door. Why you ask? Just take a look! Its so warm and inviting like a home should be. All credits to original posters.

Bust A Move

So it officially looks like we will be moving to Portland, Oregon come this next fall. So far it doesn't feel real. We finally decided renting an apartment would be the most beneficial; giving us most of the next year to find just the right house. Lucky for us the most beautiful houses are waiting for us in the lovely City of Roses.  Here have been a few of my favorites from the last 6 months- congrats to the new and future residents!  Photo credits all go to real estate agencies and original owners of the homes. Check out Portland real estate websites if you're interested.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

DIY: Reinvented Jewelry

I have come to realize I have a very distinct and unusual taste in jewelry. I often almost like something from a store but... it just needs one or two little changes. I have also come to realize that most jewelry sold today easily has the ability to be tweaked and changed into something just right! Today I will show you how I create my own favorites! It is easier than you think:
    1. You can re-purpose jewelry easily if it is held together by jump rings. (almost everything is these days). Jump rings are the non ornamental rings that keep pendants on a chain and segments of jewelry pieced together. The key is to find jump rings that have not been soldered closed. How do you tell? If you can find a tiny space in the ring your project is a go. If the ring looks solid?- it is, no magic here.

2. Make sure you have at least two needle nose pliers the finer the better. If your pliers include a wire cutting blade just make sure no jewelry dangles there while you are opening you jump rings.

3. When you have chosen what new pattern to fashion your jewelry into, gently clasp the jump ring holding the piece together at that spot with both pliers- one on each side of the split. Don't give up if the ring is hard to hold onto. Don't feel dumb if you squish the ring instead- this is common even for me when I am not being gentle enough. It is a good idea to buy extra rings from jewelry supply or beading shops in the color and size you need- they are only a few cents a piece.

4. Twist the jump ring toward you and away from you at the same time! huh? That's right. Never open a ring by pulling the two ends away from each other. This breaks the ring shape which will never be regained. However, if you twist one end toward you while twisting the other away the ring will easily be shaped back into a closed ring like magic. Don't over do your twist! Only a tiny space is usually needed to wiggle the chains apart or pendant off of the existing jewelry piece.

5. Once you take apart the jewelry you can put it back together pretty much however you wish. I take my cues from posh places like Anthropologie which I feel helps keep me inspired to try new things. What new things might you try this week? - see post Favorite Vintage Finds: Jewelry Edition for other fun"jewelry hacks"
Earrings originally Cost Plus

Bracelet for a day

Re-done as earrings... again

current favorite necklace