Monday, July 9, 2012

Favorite Flea Market Finds: Rose Bowl Chapter 2

As the sun rose slowly and dawn lit the day, anticipation of shopping the Rose Bowl Flea Market was rising. My dear friend and partner in crime Ashlyn was almost sick with excitement. I had one true goal: find the perfect tripod lamp. After several heartbreaks in the morning, find the perfect lamp I did. (as well as a perfect kilim rug 4' x 6' and only 60 dollars!) Here is a quick photo journal of the day plus pics of some inspirations that I couldn't afford. What about you? Anyone else find that PERFECT goodie you've always been hunting?

I was thrilled to find the lamp vendor again, but this time also he had nothing in my price range.

A few minutes later I saw a vendor using this as a packing blanket- he was willing to let it go for $55! I turned my back to check it over with Robert and when I came back he had sold it already. I was heartbroken.

I tried to find consolation in this lovely leather eamesish chair, but... poor Robert didn't like it. I about fainted.

I turned my attention to cool finds I couldn't take home but was inspired by- notice my feet in the picture- truly the biggest shell I've ever seen.

I can imagine these showing up in an Elle Decor magaizine.

I know people who would actually wear these! (no not Robert)

She reminds me of my Grandmother Adelle

soooo pretty!

Within minutes Ashlyn discovered her first pick of the day- it was just stunning on her!

Lovely Lady Boheme ( too bad it was $67 dollars)

I'm obsessed with kilim

Redemption! Another kilim rug for a low price! this one is mine :D

I looove what pulleys can do for keeping vintage style edgy- someday I will do an entire inspiration post about pulleys

There about 5000 things I could do with these findings!

Love at first sight! (the lamp not the fellow who dresses like my dad) A tripod lamp at last!

Recently I helped my mom style my parent's house with a bit of beach cottage essence and these will make a nice present since we are taking a trip to see my family tomorrow.
While still smarting over the loss of the first rug, I think this one fills the gap nicely.

Pride and joy of my home at the moment! Just look at the brass findings and pointed little brass feet! (Swoon)


  1. Oh man I miss the rose bowl flea market! When we go home for a visit we are going to plan the trip around it...well, hubby won't know that but whatever ;) I lived in Sherman Oaks while we dated and then we lived in Valenica after we got married. Where are you at? Amazing rug! I would be devastated about that chair!

  2. We are in Valencia right now but soon are relocating to Portland, OR- I can't believe I have lived here so long and never went before last month- :) hope you have a good trip