Monday, July 30, 2012

Head over Heals: Catherineholm and Dansk

How did I NOT know about this?! Vintage Danish cookware from the 60's in mod patterns and colors?! Pick me! I want some! Ok- I will settle down- a little. Raise your hand if you LOVE Catherineholm and/or Dansk pots and kettles and pans and plates- oh my.  I have seen those lovely wall art prints everywhere these days, but it never dawned on me that they were modeled after real treasures. So without further ado, here is my new obsession and possible future collection.

Ampersand Vintage Blog

Blue Flower Vintage on Etsy

Blue Flower Vintage on Etsy

Design is Mine

A Beautiful Mess

Friday, July 27, 2012

Beach Decor Inspiration: Sea Sponges

Original Image

Original Image
I love beach decor! I mean can you tell already? My tiny LA apartment is be-smattered by it. (yes I just made that word up) The other day I was shopping for more spray lacquer when I spotted something unusual: a box full of good size sea sponges for sale. What a find! What an unusual resource for decor since I will not use them for a painting project... yet.  The price range was about $8.00  so check out your local hardware chain's paint department to find a possible beach cottage treasure.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Entertaining Inspiration : Vintage Board Game

Once upon a time when my mother was in junior high, her family was gifted a board game. Fast forward xxx amount of years and here I am sneaking away with her long-loved board game- now what I would consider a vintage classic (sorry mom). Often when Robert and I have friends over we end up all gathered around the coffee table locked in a strategic battle of the hotel chain stock market- sounds riveting right? Well, actually it often is. The game is called Aquire. The version we have is full of sixties swank and I actually leave it out on display because I love the colors on the box so much. Our current culture is all about quick fixes and fast games because no one would have the patience for one that lasts more than an hour- Aquire in my family proves that notion wrong. I love how this game has brought my family and friends closer and has always squelched the doubts of skeptical first timers. Maybe these classic games deserve a chance in our fast-paced lives. What are some of your old favorites? If you are interested in this game or other oldies like it try ebay- you will tell my the box covers how old they are.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Congratulations Rebecca! You Win :D

Alright Lady! All you need to do is email me your address and I will ship the goodies to your door. Thanks so much for your participation- I am sure you will enjoy them :) My email is Congrats again Rebecca.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Almost Contest Winner Time!

In a matter of a few hours I will be announcing the winner of this month's Pyrex Give Away- although I am sure you may already guess who it may be ! (Good luck Rebecca ! Looks like the odds are in you favor -ahem sorry for the movie reference) I've been pretty swamped of late hence the lack of any interesting new posts- but more are on the way soon! Thank you everyone for bearing with me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Alright lovely friends! It's Pyrex give away time! Here's the scoop: Two almost mint condition orangey/yellow mugs will be your prize. RULE 1.  If you are already a follower of this blog leave a message about why these mugs would be your perfect addition. If you are NOT a follower you have two choices- a. become a follower of the blog and leave a message about why the mugs would be perfect for you OR b. give me a suggestion of another blog for me to follow if you would prefer not to follow this one! Alright!!? I am sooooo excited- to enter follow prior instructions by commenting on this post- Give Away will stay open for a week from today the 18th.  GOOD LUCK!!!!

Coming Soon! New Give Away

Later today will be announced a new give away! Check back in soon!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Adventures in Northern California: Healdsburg

A darling dress that turned out to be $300 designer- oh well

An antique wedding ring that totaled 5 carats in platinum- woooweee! (and I'm not even into bling)

Another 4 star burger/dog joint for lunch- thoroughly enjoyable ( I must have gained 3 pounds this trip) 

I have to say I was tempted... and the likeness is striking yes?
More lovely antique copper goodies- all priced accordingly but a lovely collection non-the-less

A surprise present from Robert for no good reason! Wow! and its absolutely perfect for blogging! Squeak!
So the day after Robert and I wandered through Mendocino we decided to go a little south and peruse the vineyard town of Healdsburg. I love this place! Tons of stuff to find and cute shops to see- especially bistro foodie joints. So once again- a little photo journal of the day and my newest vintage find!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mendocino Coast Town Trip

Favorite Treats from a locally famous fruit stand
Lovely tunnel through the redwood trees

Found a new favorite lunch joint called Mendo Burgers- The Patrons are super awesome and the friendly feel is equaled only by the food- you can find these two in Sunset Magazine soon

The "Big Dog" burger- my first hot dog on a hamburger bun
Gardens are bar-none in Mendo!
Cute Cozy Cabin
A must have from the Chocolate Haus- Enormous Fresh Raspberries embedded in white chocolate silk
A refreshing hike through the bluffs and sand
So Beautiful!
True Sea Grass
This spot was paradise- tiny yellow blossoms were floating through the air while a tiny waterfall dripped down the rock face
Natural rattlesnake grass- a childhood favorite
And a hidden warf!
Growing up in Ukiah, California, was kind of a treat and not at the same time. Regardless of my feelings of growing up there, visiting is always a treat. My favorite thing to do in Ukiah is to visit my favorite neighboring towns. (I caught the irony) On our first day Robert and I drove the scenic route through Boonville to the coastal town of Mendocino. Here is my kinda-sorta photo journal of the day and our carefree adventures!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Favorite Flea Market Finds: Rose Bowl Chapter 2

As the sun rose slowly and dawn lit the day, anticipation of shopping the Rose Bowl Flea Market was rising. My dear friend and partner in crime Ashlyn was almost sick with excitement. I had one true goal: find the perfect tripod lamp. After several heartbreaks in the morning, find the perfect lamp I did. (as well as a perfect kilim rug 4' x 6' and only 60 dollars!) Here is a quick photo journal of the day plus pics of some inspirations that I couldn't afford. What about you? Anyone else find that PERFECT goodie you've always been hunting?

I was thrilled to find the lamp vendor again, but this time also he had nothing in my price range.

A few minutes later I saw a vendor using this as a packing blanket- he was willing to let it go for $55! I turned my back to check it over with Robert and when I came back he had sold it already. I was heartbroken.

I tried to find consolation in this lovely leather eamesish chair, but... poor Robert didn't like it. I about fainted.

I turned my attention to cool finds I couldn't take home but was inspired by- notice my feet in the picture- truly the biggest shell I've ever seen.

I can imagine these showing up in an Elle Decor magaizine.

I know people who would actually wear these! (no not Robert)

She reminds me of my Grandmother Adelle

soooo pretty!

Within minutes Ashlyn discovered her first pick of the day- it was just stunning on her!

Lovely Lady Boheme ( too bad it was $67 dollars)

I'm obsessed with kilim

Redemption! Another kilim rug for a low price! this one is mine :D

I looove what pulleys can do for keeping vintage style edgy- someday I will do an entire inspiration post about pulleys

There about 5000 things I could do with these findings!

Love at first sight! (the lamp not the fellow who dresses like my dad) A tripod lamp at last!

Recently I helped my mom style my parent's house with a bit of beach cottage essence and these will make a nice present since we are taking a trip to see my family tomorrow.
While still smarting over the loss of the first rug, I think this one fills the gap nicely.

Pride and joy of my home at the moment! Just look at the brass findings and pointed little brass feet! (Swoon)