Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Old Affair: Vintage Photographer's Lamp

( I would LOVE to have this apartment)

(Also gorgeous trunk table)

Lovely spread at

Pottery Barn Photographer's Lamp

Homemade Lamp at (exact post detail below) sorry for the miss-label I will try to avoid it in the future!
Once every once in a while my husband and I have a lovely overlap in vintage taste. Recently I have highlighted our mutual love for leather chairs, today its the magic a vintage Hollywood tripod lamp supplies to a room. You can virtually hear the classy style singing. Here are some of my most recent favorite examples!


  1. I tried the link to see more about that Homemade Lamp and can't find it. Any chance you could give me more info? I like it and just bought a music stand at a garage sale that MIGHT work to make this! Thanks.

    1. aha! i found the original site. so sorry about the miss-labeled picture. The original step by step is on - I know its a lot but this should be the exact post- let me know if you actually try to make it would love to know how it turns out :)

  2. hmm- odd I will try to get the proper info for you sorry about the link .