Sunday, June 24, 2012


So this week is my four year wedding anniversary. I hope I will never take for granted how special these days are for us- my husband and I. We have grown as a true team who looks out for one another and who often sees the needs of the other as more important than our own. ( I would say Robert has mastered this better than I at this point) I am so grateful for my husband in my life. Sound kinda typical of a younger married couple? Sure it does. Only, we aren't a typical married couple. Our marriage almost didn't make it. I'm not going into any reasons why and I don't owe anyone an explanation, but I know what its like to fight for an "unsalvageable" relationship. This is our fourth anniversary legally, but our second anniversary actually together.  We really are a story of healing and maturing that I can only give credit to God for. He gave us the right people in our lives, together and individually, that would encourage us to be strong and work out our marriage - no matter how long it took. (it took roughly three years) I do not regret a single moment after making the decision to become the person I needed to be to make this marriage work and glorify God. I would love to thank God actually, for bringing me through this all and being my strength, I want to thank my husband- who did the most and went through the most to be the man I admire and respect- who loves me and leads me caringly and in whom I have no doubts- And Pastor Bob who taught us to see each other in new light, and Pastor Roger who faithfully stuck with us all three years and knew if we stuck with God and grew in our faith we would one day be ready again. There are so many others who upheld us and helped us prevail against the status quo of divorce. Thanks to all of you (you know who you are) we made it. We have the best relationship I could ever have hoped for. I love you all thank you!
                 All that being said I am REALLY excited about my anniversary this coming friday! We are going to spend the day wandering around the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, and finish the night at our favorite restaurant in the world, La Petite Greek, in Hollywood. I am wearing a newly thrifted day dress and there will be LOTS of pictures- I hope. I will do a follow up post about our day out together sometime next week! Thanks for Listening- maybe someday I will write a book about it.


  1. Congratulations! I believe God will use your experience to help save many marriages in the future! May the healing and saving and KEEPING grace of God continue to amaze you individually and together.

  2. Happy anniversary to you two! Marriage sometimes is work and compromise, give and take, sharing and patience and loving each other despite the flaws. It is also joy, laughter, romance and love. I have heard that it takes three to make the marriage work. Husband, Wife and God our Father.