Friday, June 15, 2012

Inspiration: Antique Bed Posts

So some exciting news! I just found out I am the proud owner of a double-sized antique wrought iron bed frame (from my late-grandfather's old work shed). My love of antiques and vintage style runs deep because 1. its awesome 2. I was raised in my grandparent's antique store just yards from my front door.  Grampa squirreled away all sorts of things and even now almost more than ten years after his passing we are still finding his hidden treasures. Back to bedframes! We found three pairs of head and foot boards and I am sooo excited to meet mine next month when I visit home. What might I be inspired to do with them when I actually have a house? Maybe these pictures will give a peek into my daydreams. (I am also convinced they can be styled in much less girly settings too- we shall see!)

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