Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Treasure Finding Tuesday

Here's the loot! Atlas: $4

Green soup dish with handle: free, little sewing box full of thread and tomatoes: $2, Aqua fifties mod bowl: $2

Foo dogs (likely 40's-50's) $12

Mix-match silverplate forks: 50 cents a piece
Every Tuesday there is a little local swap meet. Sometimes it is a boom and sometimes it is a bust, but it is always fun to snoop through. I love chatting with the regular booth owners and I especially love walking through with a best friend or two. Today was no exception! I spent the morning walking through the meet with Robert my husband, Ashlyn- a dear friend, and my mom and grammie- (an extra special treat!) As I romped around in a newly thrifted 50's style red striped top, I mostly gathered new treasures in shades of blue and teal.  Here are the spoils of my morning adventure, but the real treasures are of course the memories.


  1. lovely blog! xx


    1. Thank You for your lovely comment! :D

  2. Love the Foo dogs - I have a soft spot for kitschy ceramics.