Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Retro Wedding

held at a ranch house retreat in San Juan Capistrano
Best kiss ever - How young we look!

My one day to be beautiful

Love the near noir lighting!

This is my favorite smile Robert makes- even though its usually his getting into trouble smile
Three years and eight months ago I married Robert Cozzi. As our four year anniversary draws near I am filled with excitement and anticipation- it is, after all, my turn to plan our anniversary date. I really think few people put as much weight and value on their anniversary as Robert and I do. Every one we have is truly a milestone - out of every anniversary we have had this is only the second one we will share outside of being legally separated. This anniversary marks our first full year (plus some months) being together. Sadly these days tragic endings to marriages are not unusual- even young people getting married and it falling apart swiftly like ours did is not unheard of. As this date draws near I want to thank Pastors Bob and Roger for their unfailing love, patience, and counseling that drew my husband and I back together. I most of all want to thank my husband! Robert, you are undoubtedly my best friend and my dearest love. We have earned this date- but most of all you- you build up my spirit and set me free and I love you. Ok enough mush! Here are a few photos from our original wedding date that I will never forget and never regret. Thanks you Cole Jeffrey for the most beautiful photography!


  1. such stunning pictures and heartfelt words! most definitely cause for a big anniversary celebration.

    rachel x

  2. You are such a beautiful bride. Congratulations to you and your husband as you start your fourth year together as a married couple.

    XO Danielle