Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inspiration: Vintage Daydreams

It is my dream to find the perfect Volkswagon Karman Ghia
Vintage Italian Vespa Scooter? Who doesn't want one if these?
A lovely Beach Cruiser bike! (of course I would have to learn to ride a bike first- lame I know)
There are always things that inspire us that are slightly out of our reach. - Well ok, REALLY out of reach sometimes- haha. A little thing like that should never stop us from being inspired. I think its even a little healthy to let my taste be influenced by things I cannot at this time have. (as long as I don't let myself become too attached depending on the item.) My vintage daydreams range from simple to ornate. Please note all photo credits go to original artists as well as any neat ideas in them :)

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