Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One Last Hurrah.. again

Once again, my little trip to the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market did not disappoint. It was cut a little short by the fact that it was already 100 degrees by the time we got there at 9am.  Rachael and I made it to about 11:45 before we HAD to find air conditioning.  Before we threw in our treasure hunting towel we had managed to find some free bangles, some cheap bangles , and for me- a brand new-in-box 60's orange enamel fondue pot. (not Dansk or Catherineholm but still awesome) It was so hotI didn't even realize I had forgotten to take a picture of both Rachael and I until just now posting. :( The most important thing is we had tons of fun getting lost, finding treasures, finding a new little thrift store or two, and making it home just in the nick to get to work on time- almost. OH! By the way I got to wear a newly thrifted dress from Buffalo Exchange. Bonus. Please check out Joyful Treasure Hunting Blog if you haven't already - I am sure she is cooking a post about our little trip too.

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