Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Bought a Vintage Cape







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   I once again mustered up a posse of friends and dragged them to the nearest Buffalo Exchange- only one of the best clothing stores EVER- second in my heart only to J. Crew. I traded a few little things- ok- well, only a pair of sandals, but I went with the intentions of getting something practical for my move to cooler weather soon. Sixty degrees in August? Yipes.
   What I can home with was a cape. Yup. Practical. A vintage dusty blue handemade wool cape.  I am determined to make this a practical purchase- especially since I evoked a look of utter shock from dear Robert my loving husband.
    This put my little hamster wheel (brain) in motion- how does one style a cape... and live to tell about it? Here are a few girls who got it right :D What? Pictures of my cape? Well, maybe when I figure out how to style it on me. ;)

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