Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My life and love in snapshots

Me with long hair in Mendocino, Ca

Me and my girls in Roseville, Ca

A barista's breakfast on Catalina Island

Weekend in Catalina

Robert Photographs the Getty

Rock Sculpture Fountain

At the Getty ... a long time ago

One look at those puppy dog eyes and I was done for

My almost Noir wedding

How he makes me feel special everyday
I was trying to clean out the 65,000 images from my IPhoto account and I came across some from over the years- like the one that made me fall in love with my husband or the time we went to the Getty Museum on an unexpected day off. I thought I would share these bits of my life with you - hope you are all having a good day.


  1. I saw a comment you posted on This Little Port and I thought you sounded so sweet! So I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I love your wedding dress photo! So romantic!

  2. Hi Emily! Thank you for your comment!