Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Off to New Adventures...

Photo Courtesy of Rachael of Joyful Treasure Hunting Blog
Hello all! As you can tell I haven't posted regularly for a little while. I have been rethinking the direction of my little blog for a bit- well I've been trying to come up with a direction, that is.  I've been rethinking the direction of my life a bit too- nothing major just things like wanting to get back into my art, be more planned out and organized etc. I think my upcoming move to Portland (just 4 weeks) has been helping inspire that need somewhat. While weeding out most of my old things as we are downsizing a smidge (and hoping Buffalo Exchange will take most of my old clothing) I have come across things that remind me of good friends and the times we spend together- even the times we should have spent together.  To make sure we don't miss out, I and my dear friend Rachael from Joyful Treasure Hunting are going back to the Rose Bowl Swapmeet this coming Sunday! We are so excited! This will be our first and last duo treasure hunt in Pasadena together and while that is a little sad- maybe we will find a few things to commemorate our friendship with. I am personally hoping for some vintage clothes and maybe something Catherineholm!  Happy huntings to you all this week!

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