Friday, March 23, 2012

A Tale of Two Cities

As the sun is sifting through the curtains on this late afternoon I look forward to this coming summer and the months after. I truly do love LA. The warm sun, the bustle; it will be hard to leave behind. As much as I love Southern California I am REALLY looking forward to moving to Portland, Oregon sometime after this coming September. My husband and best friend Robert is a Portland native and has been pining for the weather, the brisk air, the snowy mountains. I love the promise of vintage boutiques fabulous downtown area, and eventually a 1930's house of our own. I love what I've learned from LA. I can't wait to add new experiences too. It's almost a small flicker of the once avid American Dream. Pursue happiness and thrive. For us- its a new city with old friends and familiar territory (with a side of LA grit). 

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