Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Step in the Healthy Direction

In the name of no longer running in my own rut I have decided to quit Diet Coke. Cold turkey. My husband and I LOVE Diet Coke. In fact we go through a case of 24 in about a week. I have decided not to quit caffeine entirely but at least replace my source for a healthier one; green tea. Today marks day 10 with only one half can consumed and no fountain sodas. (although I did knock back a pear cider from BJ's restaurant rather quickly due to the lovely carbonation- won't be doing that again soon. ) I want to make it clear that I have nothing against colas in and of themselves, rather my exorbitant habit of chain drinking. I am also sure the mass amounts of caramel color and aspertame were not very healthy either. I admit I was very grouchy for at least the first week and the cravings were not easy to ignore, however I feel sooo much more refreshed and I feel that I have accomplished something that can be difficult- discipline. There is still a 24 can box in the fridge- but I know if I can hold out ten days I can also make this a lifestyle. I am really proud of myself! It gives me sooo much respect for people who beat really hard things like losing a lot of weight or quitting smoking. One tiny facet of plain jane tackled- more to follow soon. Maybe something like platform wedges...

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