Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ode to the Future





All this talk of our fall-time move had me thinking of some details I know I want in our house someday. First and foremost? A shiny red door. Hands down. No matter where I live or what my house looks like- if I own it, it WILL have a shiny red door. Why you ask? Just take a look! Its so warm and inviting like a home should be. All credits to original posters.


  1. oooh...I love the red doors, you are inspiring me to paint mine red too. Currently it's white but it's turning into a dirty yellowish white.


    1. How fun ! If you do send a pic would love to see it - I can't currently paint mine because I rent

  2. I had red for years. With recent remodel changed to black. Oh I miss my red!