Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Paint Chip Garland Inspired by Orla Kiely

Who doesn't love Orla Kiely's designs? My personal favorite is the original multicolored stem pattern. My only problem is I can't afford hardly anything she makes. (except the laminate bag I found brand new at a thrift store for $15 a few years ago) Hate me a little? It's ok, I would too.
Anyway! Since I had noticed how "right now" paint chip projects are I came up with one of my own. I decided to make a garland in honor of the original "Stem" Orla Kiely designed. Here's what I did:
1. I went to the hardware store to pick out some lightweight durable string and paint chips.
2.Once I had picked them out I folded the chips in half and drew a stem stencil on the colors I needed.
3. I cut out the stems and paired up the colors I wanted to go together right side out.
4. Then I glued each one together sandwiching the string in the middle
5. After trimming the edges to match, I just needed to decide where to hang it up (still can't decide)

Whole project cost? - about 4 dollars for the string if you include the cost to vacuum up all the trimmed bits on the floor :) What has inspired you lately?

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